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About Dr. Maurice Franklin

Dr. Franklin lectures and consults on organizational sustainability and organizational development strategies. Dr. Franklin has previously served as an advisor to Dallas, Texas Mayor Mike Rawlings. Dr. Franklin’s published work focuses on Governance, Sustainability, and Strategic Thinking of African American HIV/AIDS Organizations. Maurice has worked for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), where he served as a member of the executive staff and senior advisor. Dr. Franklin assisted Dr. Stephen Thomas, Ph.D., and Sandra Quinn, M.Ed., by providing the resources for their HIV/AIDS and Syphilis study on the Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, Behaviors (KABB), of African American faith members. Their study findings assisted HIV/AIDS community-based organizations and researchers understand the influence faith and culture have on HIV/AIDS education and knowledge barriers of African American faith members. Maurice is a founding member of the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), an African American Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Organization. His services also include leadership on the board of The Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum and Gay Men of African Descent. In June of 2001, Dr. Franklin coordinated and hosted the first Black Same Gender love retreat and skills-building conference on the campus of Brown University. This retreat included over three hundred of the nation’s leading Black Gay academics and social thinkers. Fun Fact Dr. Franklin was the first Black Class President at Ardmore High Schoo, Student Body President at the University of Oklahoma ad was an Allstate Wrestler.

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