As Oklahoma family members of Dr. John Hope Franklin, we see through the transparent veil of President Trump and his administration’s tactics of divisiveness and hatefulness. His transparent attempt tonight of using our cousins name, surrounded by the backdrop of the Black Wall Street Massacre is despicable. President Trumps behavior and overt racial animus is not consistent with our beloved cousins name and historic legacy. We are disgusted and categorically reject the hate and discord that the President of the United States is fomenting and propagating.

John Hope Franklin’s, academic research and passions were about discovering truth, healing, and reconciliation. President Trump and his administration represent neither truth nor reconciliation. Our cousin would categorically reject this shallow attempt aimed at petty presidential partisan politics.

“Love each other. Regard each other as members of one family.” ~ John Hope Franklin

Our cousin, Dr. John Hope Franklin messages were about love, hope, and reconciliation. President Trump does not represent his legacy.

Oklahoma Family member representatives

Dr. Maurice O’Brian Franklin

Dr. Angela James



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